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September 26, 2011


Shayna Proctor

Oh my goodness, a child free night...I'm so happy for you.


I'm jealuos.... :D great weekend!

Sherri P eh

What a fun weekend! Hope you don't have to wait two years for another! XO

Francesca Di Leo

heeheehee!! i love that silly crazy assed smile on my face... my excitement of meeting you truly shining through!

i wore my bum skirt yesterday, and well, i still have it on today. and frankly, i don't think i'll ever take it off.


kristen Van Dyke

DRAT! That M/L skirt is super cute but I don't think my already 32 inch waist will fit into it through another two trimesters..... I'm anxious for you to start back up with the custom ones!

Holly C.

A blissful weekend with your sista-sounds wonderful!


Oh Squam! Someday I'll make the pilgrimage! You and Maya in the same place!? GAH!


It looks so great, what a wonderful time!! Frank and I went away child free for the first time in 7 years, a couple of weeks ago and it was awesome, but the freedom felt so strange! :)


It sounds like a blissful trip! What a delicious looking head store and hurrah for your skirts!! :)

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