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January 02, 2012



I need to get me a pretty journal because this is the year that I start writing. I have always wanted to, but never thought what I had to say was important.

I think that I will be joining in your weekly challenge because it sounds like a great jumping in point.


I'm going to try to join in! I did the 52q in 2009 with you and LOVED it! Life has just seemed to get so busy these last few months and I find I journal a little less than I used to. I think the 'remember when' prompts will be fun. :)


Oh Emily, I am so happy you're doing something like this. A couple of years ago I did the 52Q and loved every single second of it. So much so that a few friends have seen my 52 tags all connected by a single binder ring embellished with ribbons and now they want to do one. So, I am being Emily this year and asking them questions. I cannot wait to see what they come up with at the end of the year. Because I am asking the questions, it takes the fun out of doing one for myself ... and I'm feeling a tad left out. No more! Thank you. I purchased a SMASH book a couple of months ago and now I have something to put in it. I've been saving it for something special and now along you come with a special idea. Thank you so very very very much! I shall enjoy the journey with you.

Erika Martin

I think this is a lovely idea! I think I'll definitely have to join you on this journey. I love that you're including your family in some of these journals, as well. LOVE the file folder journals. I have a ton of file folders and fabric scraps that would be perfect for that. Thanks for the inspiration, as always!


Oh count me in - love the idea and I so need to get some of the stories down. Can't wait to see how this comes together - it will be wonderful I'm sure.


Can you please count me in, I just looked through my 2009 52 questions last night and loved re reading the prompts the memories and the incorrect spelling.

carole R

Great idea - count me in. I too did 52Q and actually completed it!! I am looking forward to it - off to purchase a gorgeous journal! Happy 2012 to you and your family.


I love that you have three journals. I have been making journals for friends and family which I think means I really need to make one for me! I'm thinking I will join you. Let's see if I get a journal made.


Love it! I've been missing my journals, as well...they, too, got lost in the day to day of life. Planning to get back to it in earnest in 2012. http://amysreallife.wordpress.com


It's funny that your challenge should entail journaling. I choose to make a commitment back in the first week of December to Journal Daily in a gratitude journal of sorts. A daily list of "What Went Right Today". You know, stop complaining and appreciate more. I have kept it up since my first entry Dec. 5th and will go through the end of 2012. I imagine I will need another book before then, ha!!


i joined you for the deck of me years ago and i'm sooo playing along this year!! still need to figure out what journal type to use. i would also be willing to help out with a flickr group!

deb schwedhelm

your handmade journal makes my heart pitter-patter. i long to journal. happy new year friend.

Debora Prass

I'm in!! I've been feeling like that lately, that I used to write stuff, and now life just happens and stuff is not written... Got a cute Smash book for Christmas waiting to be filled with memories!


I love the family journal idea! I had one a few years ago with lots of scribbles from my daughter. Now that she's a few years older and I have another little, I'll be starting another one this year. I'm sure it'll be filled with rantings from my pre-teen and alphabet letters from the little one. Thanks for your ideas!


Count me in Emily... I did your 52Q challenge and your Deck of Me... both of which I absolutely treasure... I've been waiting and hoping for another challenge and this is perfect... woo hoo.... can't wait to start.
THANK YOU for doing this xxxxxxx

ira lee

the remember when journal is such an awesome idea! good luck with that! i cant wait to read some entires.


I'll be reading along and trying my hand at a few challenges I'm sure. This is definitely something I'm into.
Last year a book I was reading asked us to recall a favorite room of our Grandparents home. I described their dining room in such detail in my journal it was scarey... (they passed away more than 20 years ago). But I'm glad I did it and reflected on that place and time. Even if it was just for me.


I too am so excited to have someone to inspire me to write more. I love my journals and wish I took more time for them. Yeah to you for getting us going.


I'm in. :) you're such an inspiration and i can't wait to spend more time with my journal. it's such a bliss to sit down,take a moment for yourself and pour your thoughts on to a piece of paper!


I'm tossing my hat (journal? pens?) into the ring as well! I love this prompt as I am aware of so many luscious details piling up while my memory is breaking down! I have a journal I started last year for my Girl ... things I want to remember/share/pass on to her and I think this practice will help me stay on top of that one. (You know ... all those wonderful things our kids say and do ... like my girl is convinced R2D2 in Star Wars is called "Arty E-Doo." And I hope I'll never forget she tells us we are "erupting" her when we start talking before she is finished.)

Thank you for being such a genuine presence and inspiration for those of us trying to navigated through the piles of papers, paint, laundry, toys ...

Happy New Year! xo Lis


I'm in

Jen Davis

Count me in! I'm so happy that you're doing this, yay!


Yum So all over it!!! mahalo love and aloha from Maui!!!!


I'm in! Since my husband and I just celebrated our 25th anniversary, mine will reflect on our lives together and our kids. I'm always saying to my husband "remember when..." and he doesn't. LOL. It will be a little gift to him.

Sherri P eh

Si in Em!!! XO

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