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January 08, 2012



I LOVE seeing some of your paper creations again. Love, love, love! Thank you for sharing. And that pic of you is amazing. :)


I am not necessarily participating in the journaling but I am being inspired nevertheless... sweet memory.


What a beautiful page dedicated to the memory of your Nanny. And what a great memory! I'm home with a sick little one today and am hoping to get some journaling done myself, finally! :)


Got my stories down this morning. One for each of my grandparents, once I went at it I kept going. Just writing though, no illlustrations or embellishments and my not too pretty handwriting. Could be fuel for illustrations though, so maybe one will find it's way through my fingers anyway.


My mother put coins in the pudding too.
Lol about the witchy picture :D


L*O*V*E your journaling story! and the "witch"...priceless!


I love this idea. I ordered a smashbook and have collected a bunch of pictures of my brother when we were little and the time we spent at our grandparents. I'm all set to start once my smashbook gets here. :)


oooohhhh, this sounds fun!! Great idea! Love the mixed media, btw- really beautiful colors.<3


I love your journaling and am so excited to see you carving out time for yourself (and us!)

Laughed out loud at the Witchy Em! It is always humbling to see myself translated into crayon or markers ... a messy swirl of orange and I know that is meant to be me and my stylin' hair!

xo Lis


This totally made my day. Thank you for posting!


Look at you in your sexy red number!!! I have always loved the taste of Christmas pudding with lashings of brandy custard and cream, mmmmm. EVERY year i promise myself that I will make one, and yet i NEVER have. I wish I had my grandma's pudding recipe....iI remember when she used to make them in October or September and hang them all up...she used to sell them. What i would give to have some of her pudding!!!!

Holly C.

I cracked up at your witch comment!

I've always loved your scrapbook/journaling style. :)

Sara @ Walk Slowly, Live Wildly

Love this! Yummy art. I LOVE the picture of you...ha ha. I've just started to venture into art journaling...and I love seeing this!


Now this is a journal idea I can get behind...brilliant! I loved your story too, made me chuckle as your writing often makes me do.

Lajla Mac Donald

At least she has a beautiful smile xx


my grandma called it Plum Pudding. don't really think there were any plums in it but we sure liked it more and more as we got older. don't know if it was the pudding or the brandy sauce we liked but I sure miss it.


So good to see you scrapbooking and journalling again. You were my inspiration about 10 years ago and still are. I still have some Bali ribbon to use and this might be just the thing to use it on.

rachel whetzel

:::squeee!!:: I'm so excited to have created something!! I'm really excited about the journaling part of this journey with you this year!! http://www.minetothine.com/2012/01/remember-when.html


really lovely! not much of a comment but i really mean it!


i am de.ter.mined to join you this time.


HAPPY NEW YEAR EMILY... Once again you inspire me to live simply and create daily. I love your goals this year to look after your 'whole' self. once I get back in the swing I will be joining you...xxx

kristen Van Dyke

HAHAHA - well at least you are a smiling witch in the picture, eh? I love the journaling idea - I've got to get ON IT!!


Yay!! Its great to see you back journaling again missed seeing your fab stuff its so inspiring!
I played along am about to upload to the flickr group but have put it up on my blog too.

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