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June 24, 2012



BErry picking is on my list of must dos this summer. Last night was our last ride down to CT. Friday we move up to VT (if only it were for good), but in the spirit of living in the moment, it is for 6 delicious weeks of summer before embarking on our newest adventure in life. See you soon!!!!!!


it looks so gorgeous and as for Banjo, he is absolutely deliciously adorable, he makes me smile big time :)

Carole R

If your three delightful children were mine I too would want to just 'be' with them, rather than sitting at a computer! Hasn't Banjo grown? He is so gorgeous - fits in well with his sisters! Enjoy summer.


Enjoy your children! :) I enjoy a few snapshots here and then.

And, oh my goodness, your dreads are long and gorgeous! You do look stunning! xx

Shayna Proctor

We need to talk. I want to hear more about your past year. I love the idea of not spending too much effort on sadness and anxiety. I would like to hear more about that. Miss you.


what a fun & delicious day! the strawberries look lovely & so does the weather... love the little tidbits you share on here but i love that you are out living life even more!


as it should be, enjoy.

boho mom

ahhh berry picking - one of our favourite summertime outings you know, since mine was Banjo's age.
I think it's wonderful that you want to cherish this time with your kids - they grow up so fast. Enjoy your summer and those adorable little ones!!! But do share some pics of your adventures from time to time please... I don't always comment, but I love to read your blog.

Jenni Jones

Such a beautiful post. You are right....we should spend more time living life, and less time writing about it. Have a happy day!


I wish you'd been MY mother :-)


^ I second that comment. You are an amazing,thoughtful, and talented mum. You are lucky to have those sweet kiddos but they too are lucky to have you as their mum. Reading your blog truly adds encouragement and beauty to the interwebs. It's one of my favorite spaces. Thank you for sharing your journey!!!

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