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June 03, 2012



you all looked so stunning em - and love the fact that yindi took her duties so seriously - bless her xx


Yay for sisters!! I'm so glad you got to go home for such a special occasion. I miss my siblings terribly, but we will be together for a whole week next week... I can't wait! So glad you are home with your hubby now and we get to once again read your special word and see the world through your amazing eye.


You have such a beautiful family and I love the character of your little ones how they are the life of the party:-) Congrats to your brother


A beautiful wedding, just pure sweetness! Congratultions!


Have been waiting to see these :-) wonderful


Soooo gorgeous and cute. That hat on Banjo boy! EEK! The girls look gorgeous (and you too!- tell us about that dress?). So glad you could make it home for such a special day.


What a beautiful wedding and what a beautiful group! I'm so happy you got to be with your family for such a special trip. Makes me homesick to go be with my own. :) You looked stunning!

Erika Martin

What a beautiful day for a wedding! Ivy is so grown-up in that picture of your 3 kiddos and she looks so much like YOU! :) Thanks for sharing this special day with all of us.

Erika Martin

Oh, and I can't see a pic of your dad without thinking of him as Swervin' Mervin. :)


Beautiful xx

Heather Eats Almond Butter

what a beautiful day. beautiful family too. :)

I grew up with brothers too, and as much I love them, nothing beats a good sister-in-law.

Carole R

Simply gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing them with us!!


love!! children in weddings is the absolute best. they are so darling. and i have to second a request for info about that gorgeous dress that you are wearing! (home looks amazing on you).

Shayna Proctor

Holy crap, Banjo in a sailor hat? And you are stunning. Miss your face.


Forgot to congratulate you on being about to become an aunt :-)

Ros Davidson

You look amazing Em. Where did you get that lovely dress?


aww Kerry and Oli, you guys look so beautiful... a huge contras from me... and Em my beautiful friend, you look amazing. Can only find that bloody dress in a size 2....!!! like thats gonna fit!

ira lee

eeekkk!!! so fun!


I assume your shoes got there in time



holly c.

You all looked stunning!


Gorgeous family! Yes, yes, please tell us about your amazing dress!


So many things to love in this set of photographs, and so fun to see your family again in photos.

Banjo in a sailor hat (DYING)
Dad's tie
Your beautiful stunning dress and hair and face - smoosh!
Ivy and Yindi beaming
The parking lot of cars (don't know why just loved that detail)

Lusi Austin

Hi beautiful Em!
Loved these photos of such a special family time. The kids have grown so much and you look AMAZING!
Sending Aussie love your way mate x
Lus x

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