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June 06, 2012


Ros Davidson

What a lovely gift and I am so glad the date is the aussie way!

Amanda McGregor

I bought those exact books for my brother's wedding gift! I had organized and paid for their ceremony to be fiddled, but needed something small to actually wrap up , these books were perfect!

Amanda McGregor

Stupid iPad self correcting typing, videoed NOT fiddled!

Shayna Proctor

You are a present master. You're hired for the rest of my life to pick out presents for all of my family members.

Carole R

what great gifts! You could earn money picking out gifts for folks!!!


What awesome gifts - and such a gorgeous photo of them in the grass :)


Just wanted to check in to see how the Squam Art Fair went. Hope you did well and were able to use up all your scraps! Have a wonderful weekend!


I was just thinking that I needed artwork in that style! Really awesome stuff!

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