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July 06, 2012



Those treats look like à little girl's dream indeed, lovely!

holly c.

Oh, happy birthday beautiful Yindi!

Emily I love the food you prepared and the decorations. Yay for Pinterest!


Happy Birthday...looks like the perfect location and the perfect day for a newly turned five year old.


Happy Birthday to Yindi!!! the lil sweetheart!!!...and EM!!!....apparently you no longer need my book of tips!!!!...What a beautiful spread you prepared!!!...I wanted to be there!!!....


Happy Birthday, Yindi. There were lots of oohs and aahs here. I want a party like this.

anna hopper

happy birthday sweet girl!


5 no way! ... way to go on the party Em x


Happy Birthday sweet Yindi. Hope to catch up soon for some birthday kisses. Gorgeous party Em. Your house is so perfect for a summer party.

Shayna Proctor

My little Yindi is five? I really can't believe it. Tell her I love her.


Wow, how the time has flown by..happy birthday yindi, you're going to be very pretty when you're all grown up.


oh em... those are the best photos i've seen in a long time.. and the sweetest party.. for the love of pinterest!

Monica Miles Lipscombe

Wow it seems like yesterday when she was born. She is so so sweet and what a pretty party you gave her! Creating beautiful memories! Happy birthday from Canada sweet Yindi!!

Rachel Mackin

Happy Birthday Yindi!


This makes me want to be 5 again! Beautiful in every way.


Such a beautiful simple party! The ribbon/flowers round the tree made me get a lump in my throat. You are so good.


Wow! She's five! I remember when I saw that baby picture for the first time! Thank goodness for Pinterest is right. I love the lemonade jars!

Erika Martin

How magical this all is! Your creativity and love for your children is inspiring.

Denise Morrison

I have not been here for a long while and how joyful and happy it made me to see this little girl celebrating her 5th birthday. I know you are far from home but you are in my home, the home I grew up in, New England. I am in Montana and miss it. Montana is closer than Australia but with tight purse strings it feels as far away. I love reading and looking at photos of your family and your lovely attempts at magical living. Thank you for sharing yourself.


I love her! Great job, Mama! xoxo


Yindi is five! It's incredible! I remember when she was born! Time is passing so quickly... happy birthday Yindi!


Happy Birthday! What a wonderful party. The best gift ever... a super cool mum!


Happy birthday to a sweet girl. I hope she continues to shine her bright little light into the world. Ruby is still waiting to treat her to a tea party, so we look forward to hearing from you.


What great party ideas, I might have to copy for Carys's next birthday, the hedgehog especially is SO cute and those rims of the cups dipped in sprinkles....my kids would freak out! What a beautiful party you had!


Awww, happy (belated)birthday to Yindi! What a beautiful name she has and so lucky to be born in the summer! Outdoor parties, surrounded by trees and grass are really the best kind. And sprinkles too?? Too much awesome. <3


yeah, i remember last year, when i find your blog and your lovely family.

i send best wishes to yindi!!!
beatiful pictures from a wonderful day.

have a nice weekend - i hope the rain in germany will stop...


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