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April 15, 2013



Good for you! When you have a family it can be so hard to carve out space and time for yourself, yet it's so important. I'm working to create a cosy little space in our small house for me to read and write and have a bit of peace!

Mary Catherine {magical days}

Such sweet crafts! I am not a sewing machine person for some reason and have always wondered about hand-quilting...maybe one day. But those hoop rugs look right up our alley! My five year old will be excited to try one. :)


I LOVE You! You are such an amazing human, I shall have to meet you one day for sure! I cannot afford to go to squam...but will have to remedy that in the next few years. keep it up and thanks for your incredible blog and your incredible life force!


Glad you are in a happier making space. Always makes so much difference. I was trying to remember where Banjo boy sleeps....


You are amazing and doing so much good! i love you!


Ooo, I can't wait to see your new space. I have finally kicked out all the junk that was hanging out in my now sewing room. Who can sew without the sun streaming in, right?


Fabulous stuff rearranging now that sounds like a good plan could do with doing that myself!


I started hand-stitching a similar quilt last month of my little Evening's baby clothes. I hope mine makes the same progress as yours has. Happy for your art space upgrade!

lisa gonzalez

I enjoy it so much when you blog! Thanks for sharing :)

Beth F.

Food for the creative soul - looks like your little nutbergers are eating it up! Am looking forward to seeing the rugs all finished and lovingly used.

Beth F.

Checking in to see how the rugs turned out. Are they ready for prime time?


yay for inspiring crafty places!

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