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April 30, 2013



So happy for you!! It must be sooo hard to be Soo far away from home and So Cal... You have been a real trooper..Mick should be SO proud of you!!!xxooi


I am so happy that spring finally decided to show up. I bet it makes you so happy.


I have! It must be a spring thing. Now that my house is strangely clean and organized (my first official spring cleaning ever) I am trying to bring more fun into my life. Which today is dancing, which I am also discovering is hard to do with a toddler clutching your leg...

Beth F.

I am so thankful for Spring - planting my little garden (raised garden bed), sunshine, even mowing the lawn! The last four days have been awfully grey and rainy which has matched my mood. Last month I went for my yearly mammogram and this one didn't turn out so well. But my doctor gave me the news with as much grace as she could. Thankfully the cancer was caught early and with treatment (and a wee little surgery) I can call myself a survivor!

So, celebrate the goodness of everyday, give your hubby and littles hugs whenever, smile because the chikens laid eggs, and embrace yourself in every little nook and cranny the day provides. PS...I love your blog!


I don't think I have being self-caring but loving what you are doing which in turn will hopefully make me more mindful!


i was so good about that in april but have fallen off the self care wagon later in april and so far in may, we have unreal weather in oregon this spring. 80* today. so as of right now i am putting my hands in the earth as much as possible, dreaming of summer flowers emerging. so happy to hear you are making that time for you em.

Shannon H.

Self-care...something I've been needing for a while and have put off because of commitments (Yes, the irony is rich). Thanks for the reminder. How wonderful that you are happy and content! Such a blessing!


Not as much as I need. Yoga and gardening help. Skateboarding. Camping for Mother's Day weekend was very much for me. Made me smile.


I've been forgiving myself a lot more. That may seem easy but it's really hard for me to do and I have to remind myself a lot that mistakes are okay. I've also been trying hard to eat healthier and giving myself lots of compliments when I look in the mirror.

Spring is so wonderful! I live in Oregon and it's cold and wet a lot which affects my mood tremendously! I notice that when the weather gets warmer and the flowers come out my sense of calm and optimism definitely gets better. I live for spring and summer! Bare feet, lemonade, and more time outdoors. Yes!

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