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May 13, 2013



I had really bizarre vivid dream about you last night. You had changed your blog/its focus (after returning to Perth) and it was called "Earth" something or other, with a focus on the "E". Same bright colours & whimsy nature, but a different focus on the environment from a Mumma point of view. Dont mean to creep you out, but your blog cover page is still quiet vivid in my mind. xxx


Quite special.

Beth F.

I remember the Maypole dance from my youth...these pictures brought back some really special memories!


love that first picture. I loved doing this when we lived in Ithaca.

Beth F.

checking in to see how the end of school year is going. Hope you are enjoying family and friends time!

Farmgirl Susan

Beautiful day! Beautiful photos! I especially like the top one. :)

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