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May 08, 2013


Holly C

Happy Birthday, glad you had a nice day!

Love your homemade gifts!


Glad it was wonderful. I was just reading something about expectations making special occasions less than they should be. Well done on making it a special day!

I love Call the Midwife! I've been watching it on iview.


When is your birthday? Maybe we are birthday twins! I am 5/3.

Laura @ luckypennylove.com

Happy birthday! Glad to hear you enjoyed it. I have fallen into the same black hole on past birthdays. You are so right that we need to focus on feeling gratitude for our lives and not on who forgot to wish me a happy birthday. Maybe that comes with age? I'm 43 now and I now celebrate my birthday month!


so sweet!! i hope you have a great b.day and a lot of fun!! <3

kisses by paLLina
from Italy


Lovely Em, you are blessed to discover this so young - its taken me much longer ! Looks like a beautiful day. Love the chalkboard pic, who did that ?


Happy birthday my gorgeous friend! I'll be in your part of the world in just over a month...can we catch up for another chocolate special day?


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sounds like a perfect day of celebration to me. I'm loving the still comfort that is coming with the 30's - my 38th birthday is coming up and I want nothing more than a weekend of canoe camping with my family. I would never have believed that in my 20's, so amazing where life takes us no?!


Happy Birthday !!!
What a lovely gift to have time for yourself !!!
Mine is on May 18 th.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Sounds like you had a divine day!

Mary Catherine {magical days}

This is beautiful, and sounds like a darn near perfect day. I'm hoping for a similar one one of these days. A mama break is so needed. Happy Birthday!

ira lee

well happy birthday!!!!!! that sounds like a great day!

Krulik - Anna

Happy Birthday!! you had a really good day :)


You're wonderful. I love you.


Happy belated birthday! Hearing that you're taking better care of yourself makes me happy. Everyone should do that!


Happy birthday!

Beth F.

Sounds like you had a much needed "me-time" day! You need to splurge and have one of those every so often so...good for you! I hope you had a wonderful birthday and many, many more to come!


Hebe Baker

Happy Birthday!!! I thought from your pics you were well and truly under 30! glad you had fab day x


Good for you. And BTW you are not old, just getting to a place of contentment.


Happy birthday beauty
And f you think your old
I'm screwed
Loved you


Happy belated birthday! Special mama days are so important and rejuvenating. I'm so glad you got to have yours!

Sue McGettigan

Happy Birthday to You, so nice to spend a day enjoying some of your favourite things. I love to watch 'Call the Midwifte' too :)

Erika Martin

That drawing of the kids should totally be made into an art print. It's adorable!


Happy Belated you beautiful, beautiful soul! The world is better for having you here and you're right, 34 isn't bad. Here's to many more!

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