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June 12, 2013



aw...that note from Ivy tugged my heart strings!


i almost did a double take cause I couldn't see your dreds. Thought for a sec you had different hair!!! he he. So glad you got away and had a great time xxx


So wanna do this one day!! Email me! We I'll get up to our house on June 24th...in London right now. Would. LOVE to see you!!


Sounds and looks wonderful Em !!!hope you sold lots of skirts :)
Ivy is an angel, bless her xxxxx


Lovely! I met you at the Art fair....and bought a skirt that I just love! You may remember...we chatted about the Waldorf school, etc....I love that you're teaching at the September Taproot retreat...you'll be great. I'd so love to go...someday!

Jennifer Allison

will your skirts be available online anywhere? (not a facebook gal)

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