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February 02, 2014


Heather Eats Almond Butter

Oh wow Em! I loved loved loved your dreads but what an amazing story of letting them go. You look gorgeous and different and...free.


Ditto WOW, that is a beautiful story from the 💜 Em and it would have taken courage after so many years. Am so proud of you, you look beautiful whatever your hair, love the photos and the idea of lightness ! Xxxxxx


ahhhhh I cried! But happy cry. More pics of the new hair Em!!




Oh Em! So beautiful. Your are a gorgeous and courageous woman. Xx


Loved reading your post about this Em, even though I was there it is so lovely to hear you tell it as a story in the beautiful way that you write. So honored to be present for your completion of this journey, and the beginning of your next. Xo

Kimberly Reed

you know how i feel about this.... it was amazing to watch. you handled it beautifully. it felt right for you (even though it was hard). you're beautiful. with dreads. without them. love love.


I'm so SO happy for you xx


hey lovely one. oh so beautiful...what an amazing story. xo

Kirsten J

What a journey! You're beautiful :)


I love to think of the dreads becoming moss covered and sinking into the ground, or maybe ending up as part of a cosy birds nest - all on the other side of the world from you - waiting for your next visit


Ah bless hun that is truly beautiful, I love the full circle thoughts and releasing the energy too - such therapy.


Beth F.

Dreads or no dreads....you are a beautiful woman. A woman becoming.
A soulful post!

KIm Archer

hey there lovely girl. I think you are beautiful with or without your dreads. I loved reading your story about letting them go..

Liz eaton

Proud of you. Loved that I have been apart of this journey, before, during & after. Amazing! Love you girl!

Billie-jean Beveridge

TFS Emily. When i first started scrapping many, many years ago you had dreads then and although we have never met i admired them back then. It must be hard and yet i can understand the feeling of letting go. Take care xx


wow. just wow.


what an amazing description of your newest adventure with your dreads! i could feel your lightness as i read. beautiful.


wow. I've been thinking of the same lately...you look lovely. like a pixie in the jungle. :)


When I started reading this post, I gasped when I saw the picture of the dreads on the ground. You are beautiful either way and your soul is even more gorgeous. Mine are almost at 8 years now and I have thought every now and then what it would be like to be without them, but that thought scares me so I know they're here to stay for a while. They've been a source of healing for me.

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