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February 16, 2014



Absolutely stunningxxx

Beth F.

A little snowy paradise! Our second snowfall was like that...it snowed about an inch and half and was so pretty. The next morning we woke up to nothing! It had rained all night and washed away all the snow. I'm just waiting for spring!!!


Beautiful photos! I live in Portland, OR and we had 3 days of snow which is really rare for the Pacific NW. It was so much fun to see how everything is transformed by a blanket of snow. I have to admit that after a few days, I did start to feel trapped by it though. I'm 30 weeks pregnant and it was getting HARD to walk without slipping around. :) Anyways, before you know it, it'll be green and lush again. I love your vision of the winter wonderland. Such fun memories with your little ones too. xo


Mick sounds like my David and kids. I'll be the one standing far from the edge while they tempt fate.

My favorite part of a snow storm is while it's happening. I feel so warm and cozy inside while the snow is coming down.

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