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February 19, 2014



a beautiful mess! way to embrace it, i need to do that even more. seems like with each additional child, the controller in me (who wants it to be tidy SOMEtimes) grew and grew, probably b/c the mess is growing, too. but you're right it IS worth it. and way to embrace even the doll's new tat (that one made me hurt a little). the boys love fabric, too. i need to remember to get it out more! xoxoxox to you!


Gorgeous family creativity nothing finer!


I still remember when you told me that you also (like me) wanted to be a play school person when you grew up. I adored Play School all through my own childhood, my adolescence (!) and my own Children's younger years and only stopped watching it when we moved overseas. What I loved about it was the creativity...music, art, drama, literature! And I'm just like you....I go a little stir crazy if I'm not making SOMETHING, ANYTHING....even just planning lessons which is about all I can manage these days. Good to see you are raising your kids right! (says the art teacher). And I still ADORE that photo of Yindi.


Where did that little girl called Yindi go? She's getting so big!!!


We are happiest when we are making too. We recently moved and our new house is tiny. There is no special making room here, so the living room is strewn, but we are happy!

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