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March 04, 2014



This is amazing and beautiful. ;)


so lovely and I really like your tree decore-ooh lala


What an inspirational piece :) I look forward to sewing with my little ones someday :)

Kirsten J

Ok, that is amazing! And clever with the wool blanket :)


Wowwww, it's amazing and Ivy is a beautiful little woman….i would like to do one for my daughters!!!;-)

Carole R

Beautiful quilt! I love the fact that it is made of her own clothes (and family ones too), so special!!
I have recently made a patchwork cushion cover - all by hand. I am now onto hexagons - well that's my plan!
Carole R


I love that she decided to do some of it herself! Well done for getting it finished. I hope it's kept her warm this winter.


That is so beautiful! And talk about inspiring - I would love to try something like that! It also looks absolutely the right size - please can you tell us what it measures? Thank you so much for sharing... and I love that Ivy's worked on it too. Perfect!


Stunning!! she is amazing (as are all your children). You are doing a good thing mama. A really good thing.


It's beautiful!! What an amazing project to work on & a wonderful keepsake for her... she looks so in love with it! (& I love the decorated tree trunk)


Its so fabulous, what an inspiration you are, beautiful girl ! This is in the true essence of patchwork, using scraps to make something warm and beautiful, Ma Ingalls would have been proud of you :)

Jasmine Bailey-Barfuss

What an amazing little (grown up!) girl! PS Can I order a rainbow skirt just like that from you? Size 8-10? :) :) :)


Absolutely fantastic, I made a quilt when I was 16 for a school project, which I still own, the front was an embroidered picture, but the back was pieces of fabric from around the home, me and my sister can still pick out the fabrics we used to make homemade clothes - such a treasured memory!


That is one beautiful quilt.

You don't fancy running a sewing e-course do you? I'd be first in the queue...


ooh that's gorgeous! why had I never thought to add a little pocket or two to a quilt?


I started making one of these for my little one when she was born (still working on it but she's little yet) but never thought of adding pockets for secret treasures - what a lovely idea, thank you for sharing that!

holly c.

It's amazing! I absolutely love it! (She's really growing up.)


It is beautiful. I agree that she will love it and take it where ever she goes. I have a quilt my granny made for me when I was young that I still use on my bed.


This is AMAZING!!!

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