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May 25, 2014



Yes, yes, a dream of mine too!


My sister and I went there, too! It was quite overwhelming and we definitely didn't get to see it all. We were disappointed that many of the things were either mass-made China crap or overpriced items (we really wanted some vintage blue ball jars), but it was still fun and we had a blast joking about many of the things. We too made off with earrings!


it looks fantastic !! xx

Linda Chilcott

That looks like heaven.


I admire your restraint!! 6 bucks!! xxoo

Kirsten J

Augh - I'm jealous. Here's my dream: being on one of those hgtv shows and being able to shop with their money. Wouldn't that be a blast???

ellen patton

i love brimfield!

Clare B

Haven't been checking in with your blog for a while so have only just seen these gorgeous images. It looks INCREDIBLE. Totally swoon-worthy. Thanks for sharing.



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