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May 01, 2014



Oh I love to see your adventures - living in the moment and enjoying every ounce of life - a true blessing!


Can I ask where you were camping, looks beautiful!

Beth F.

I would love to start camping...of course that means we need to get a tent! :)

There are so many campsites along the east coast that are awesome especially on the Eastern shore of Virginia. You need to check out the pony swim at Chincoteague Island where once a year ponies from wild herds on Assateague Island are culled and then swim to Chincoteague Island where they are auctioned. The event was made famous in the book, "Misty of Chincoteague" by Marguerite Henry. I think Ivy would love to read the book!


that puppy –– !!! need i say more?


val we camped at huntington state park - it's about 1.5 hours south of myrtle beach. gorgeous !


I think the nudity is inappropriate.


tasha, really ?

Beth F.

I love the unadorned little bums!

My mom has a photo of me and my sister during one of our vacations at Myrtle Beach. In the south, it's a rite of passage during the summer months!


beth - yes rite of passage! ha! and we are aussies after all, it's our patriotic beach uniform ;)


Yeah, sorry Em - I love your blog and wish I was as free-spirited as you - but I just don't think a public camp site is the place for your beautiful children to be prancing around nude.

It's not porno or anything, it's just inappropriate. If I was camping there with my husband and kids I wouldn't want to see two children with their genetalia flapping about. At home in your backyard or even at a close friend or relative's home, yes. Just weirded out by it being in public as if it were normal.

Love your blog anyway.


tasha they weren't running around the public campsite naked - we were the only people on a very private beach and they were running back to our also very private campsite through a path that led just to our site. :)


My kids being naked at the beach when they are little is one of the great joys of life! Love it and the freedom that it gives them, and the picture of the naked bums here made me smile.

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