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June 03, 2014



Ah you look like you had a fabulous time - I love all these retreats you do - they look amazing!


This brought tears to my eyes, looks and sounds so amazing. Good on ya Em for making it happen :)


Love. I have been known to have many conversations with my husband about how I'd like to do similar things... Well done you.

Beth F.

I want that. I need that. I agree with Zi when she said it brought tears to her eyes because right now, I'm wiping mine off my cheeks as I type. I realize at this moment I'm giving to everyone else but myself. Why do we make sure everyone around us has everything they need but we starve ourselves of the very essence of living?


I hope to one day be able to go on one of your retreats. Does in "our element" stand for 4 natural elements ?

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