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June 12, 2014



Oh !! I love it! I.m doing a little studio space in my home...have a covered old chair too! Please post more pics as it evolves! Would love some inspiration!
p.s...does this mean you'll be making more things to sell....skirts ..bags..prayer flag kits..!!!!!xxxxooo

i wanna go to bali.....................................


Love all of it, so SUPER excited for you!!!

Beth F.

It's clearly a space to let the imagination run wild! And, the setting is perfect for relaxing and just having fun! Otherwise....it's perfect for you! Can't wait to see if you plan on offering classes!

Nathalie Nayer

I envy you!


Looks absolutely inspiringly and deliciously fantastic!!!!! Can't wait to see what goodies will emerge from such a creative woman in such a creative space :) xxx


I'm on my way!


Oh my, its beautiful! Love it! Can't wait to visit!!


Congrats. Looking forward to seeing what you create here.


Congratulations Em! I can imagine how delightful it must be for you to have your own beautiful space to create in. I hope you'll do a studio tour once you're settled in.

Carole R

Looks like a gorgeous space- happy creating.
I love that Banjo kept his cycle helmet on - too cute!


yay!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you.
I too dream of a studio, a writers studio...in a yurt...in the woods...no noise but a stream nearby...
here is to making dreams come true!! :)

Erika Martin

How awesome! Will this be where the mandala class will be held next month?


This is SO exciting.

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