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August 06, 2014



Being from drought sticken California...I love seeing all the green! xo


gorgeous photos - glad you are enjoying your summer!


No better place to enjoy summer !!!


Is it really time to move on? I was so looking forward to your art studio.


ARG! I'm so bummed we didn't manage to get over to see you. My 5 week summer in VT always feels so SHORT. We are planning to come back again for 3 weeks this Christmas, so MAY BE we can do it then. I'm gonna be sad if you leave. Even when I don't see you, I love living through a New England year vicariously.

Beth F

If you have to move, I hope you're goofing to get to go back to Australia! Would have loved to have seen more pics of your studio space.


I need details
Live the pics
Love you 5
See you soon
Xx Carrie-anne

Beth F.

Ooops...that should be hoping...not goofing!

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