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August 15, 2014



So fun! What's the name of the game with the shopping carts?


There is something just so delicious about having a space that's all yours, especially when everything we do as wives and mothers is shared. Mine is only a small space at present, an annex of Ella's room really with a jack and jill bathroom between, but I LOVE it and often sneak off there to do some school work, or if I am lucky, some makings. It's decorated ONLY for me, and it feels so lovely to have this space. I am insanely jealous of your gorgeous space, and so glad you can produce things relatively stress free there (surely school starts up soon???). I really wanted to request a custom made t-shirt skirt over the summer, but our visit to you was not to be. We are booked to come back for 3 weeks at Christmas though....so ...maybe? And you are of course welcome to do a stop in SG on the way to or from Bali.


I'm so pleased for you. How fabulous :)


Totally gorgeous space, very inspiring ! love the pic of Banjo upside down amongst the fabric !!!! School starts soon so plenty of uninterrupted time ahead, fingers crossed !


Love it! I sometimes wonder if mine is a helper elf? or a mischievous sprite come to pull the rug out from under me ... oh, but I am good at making my own chaos out of my space. So wish I could be with you at Squam! Lucky students :) xo


It looks gloriously delightful!


So jealous in the most pleasant way possible.


What a lovely place!


I want to move in there.

Sue McG

LOL - looks heavenly :)


What a fabulous space you have to be creative in.


What a colorful wonderful world you live in. I have been following your blog for AGES and finally decided to leave a comment :0)

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