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December 31, 2014



This sounds amazing, can't wait to get started 😃.xx


It's so sad that this blog came down so much to a businessblog.
Well, wish you a successfull new year.


I find you so inspiring Em! It's fabulous to have watched you evolve and come into your own over the years. A woman with a growing family, moving around the world, finding time for the creative in the moments in between. I love that you've made your way back to Bali and leading retreats. And I love even more that you are turning what you love into a means of support. You deserve to be fully supported by what you love. I mean that in all the various ways you can interpret it.

Nathalie Nayer

I am interested but can you show more of what we'll get (exemple of a package) and more of what we'll be doing... or working with...
When it comes to me, i don't like to make jewelries...
Thanks, Nathalie

Carrie-Anne Roy

you are a beautiful creative soul.
you deserve to receive the energy from others's
you deserve abundance


thankyou for the support, i am really excited to share this with those who feel it is right for them :)

nathalie - i have put some more details on my facebook page and am happy to email you with more info if you need it.

em xo


I'm in!!! Can't wait!


Too many things on my plate to join in for the year but this looks awesome and I'm super excited for you. I hope you have a fantastic time, lots of success, and feel joy in your pursuits! Miss your face.

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