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December 18, 2014



Thank you for truly being an inspiration! I am vicariously living thru your experiences right now but hope some day to fulfill my creative dreams and wishes! Happy New Year!


You are so inspiring so happy you shared! Really really really!

Venia | Organized Bites

Thank you sharing this. I've struggled this year, and have been actively choosing to regain my peace and gratitude. Yours was the message I needed to receive this morning. Much love and gratitude steaming back your way.


love your words...love your face. really missing you! and if we don't catch up in real time in the new year, then we are both PUNISHED xo :)


Oh Em, these are such sweet and welcome words. ThAnk you for sharing, for baring your soul. I am filled with peace and happiness for you. XO




my life is so much richer for having you in it to share all the love and fun, the creativity and beauty, the deep feelings of our soul. and when times get overwhelming and sad it's good to remember that we feel like this because we love this life and our families and friends and all the swirly circles... if you follow the feeling to it's root the root is always LOVE. xo


I am just writing about gratitude in my own blog and can so feel what you are saying about connecting with the inner self. Thank you for sharing and for brightening our everyday. :)


Thankyou for sharing!! I would so love to come to the retreat in October, I believe women can be the best support for us, uplifting and helpful of each other.. I love your blog, and I WILL meet you in Bali one day along with my gorgeous friend Liz…. xx

Carrie-Anne Roy

gorgeous and in you sharing your light you give others hope


A lovely post. Wishing you and yours a happy Christmas and Midwinter.


Shared feelings have made me survive these last few years. Happy new year!

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